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Get Your Cat to Use The Litter Box!

Why Does Your Cat Not Use Its Litter Box?

March 28 2016 , Written by Sophia

As the caretaker of your feline friend, you should monitor its behavior frequently to understand its actions and annoying behavior such as when your cat is not using its litter box. When the cat purrs, it is either happy or feel threatened. When the cat meows, it indicates starvation, thirst or it demands something. The cat pees as a natural way of releasing the waste in the body yet when a cat spray its urine on the walls, doors, tires of your car or on your wardrobe hence, it pertains to something. It is either marking its territory, the cat is on the phase of mating season with the opposite gender or it is stressed. The cats feel stress when they are exposed to a different and unfamiliar environment away from their comfort zones. The initial instinct of the cat is to perform the urine marking or cat spray to draw a territorial sign and as a means of possession.

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